Find a string


Once you’ve done this, be sure to encase the string you want to find in “”. For example:

"string to find"

Open breakpoints window

Ctrl + Alt + b

Preset breakpoints

  1. Click Debugger
  2. Debugger options…
  3. Set specific options
  4. Check the box next to preset BPTs
  5. Click OK

Debug Android Activity

  1. Find an activity in a package that you want to look at
  2. Click Debugger -> Debugger options -> Set specific options
  3. Set the ADB executable (you can find this with which adb)
  4. Click Fill from AndroidManifest.xml
  5. Find the APK or AndroidManifest.xml associated with the package you’re interested in
  6. If an Activity isn’t populated, specify the Activity manually
  7. Click OK
  8. Next you’ll need to do a port forward:
pid=`adb shell ps -A | grep packagename | awk -F' ' '{print $2}'`
adb forward tcp:23915 jdwp:$pid
  1. Confirm that it’s working:
adb forward --list
  1. Start the debugger by pressing F9